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Google Pixel 6 - IT'S TIME - Review

  Google Pixel 6 The Pixel cameras have been in a weird spot for a couple of years;  the Pixel 2 in 2017 was an incredible leap forward for smartphone photography, but features like Night Sight aside, the Pixel 3, 4, and even the Pixel 5 were mostly evolutions on the same hardware and software formula, making what sometimes felt like subjective tweaks more than clear improvements to image quality.  It’s to Google’s credit that they’ve still remained among the very best phone cameras you can buy. If Samsung or even OnePlus stuck with the exact same sensor for three iterations of its flagship device, they would be laughed out of existence. But for Google, that's not the case.   Google Pixel 6 For one thing, Google is still using the same Sony IMX363 12.2-megapixel primary sensor as in the last few Pixel phones. Google told last year that keeping the same sensor continuity helps its Pixel camera team refine algorithms from generation to generation and that there wasn’t a part on the m
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Samsung Galaxy A82 Review

  Samsung Galaxy A82 So 2018, 19 will be the year remembered for pop-up camera phones in the world of smartphones. We saw phones like the Oppo Find X with a huge motorized setup, we have also seen phones like the OnePlus 7 Pro with a small pop camera mechanism. But the most interesting motorized camera smartphone was made by Samsung, called the Galaxy A80 which had a pop-up flip camera, as the main camera module at the back slides up and then rotates to the front. Pop-up camera phones and slider phones are awesome for a number of reasons. They allow for higher screen-to-body ratios, as there’s no need for a notch or a thick  bezel to house the selfie camera. So a lot of people were wondering are we ever going to see the successors of the Galaxy A80 or was it a one-off thing? Well,    Samsung Galaxy A82 first up Samsung is indeed working on the successor of the A80 called the Galaxy A82. We first heard of it in early 2021 when Samsung applied for a trademark for a bunch of Galaxy A smar

LG To Exit Smartphone Business Review - sohozsell

  LG To Exit Smartphone Business Review So LG's mobile division has been facing losses after losses for a very long time now. To be specific, their mobile division has reported 23 consecutive quarters of losses, that's about 4.5 billion dollars over the last 5 years and as a result of this, LG is now considering quitting the smartphone market for good in 2021. LG recently teased a rollable smartphone at CES a few days ago, clearly indicating that the company has not run out of great ideas for its smartphone business. Also recently one of their executives said that the rumors about them exiting the smartphone business are “completely false and without merit.” However, in a dramatic turn of events, Reuters has found an internal memo from the CEO of LG that basically says that they are considering all options for its loss-making mobile division, which could include shutting its smartphone business or selling off parts of the unit.The CEO of LG said and I quote, “In the global mark

Galaxy Note 21 Ultra - To Note Or Not To Note - Review

   Galaxy Note 21 Ultra - To Note Or Not To Note  So whether or not there will be a Galaxy Note in the future is still up for debate. There were rumors that Samsung will be pulling the plug on the Galaxy Note series following reports that the Galaxy S series will be getting support for the S Pen. But recently a Samsung official anonymously said to a website that the rumors aren't exactly true,  there will be a Galaxy Note in 2021. So the Note fans were happy and things were back to normal. Until Ice Universe decided to tweet this a couple of days ago that Samsung has pulled the curtain on the Galaxy Note series. The tweet shows a picture that reads the End with a caption the Galaxy Note which basically means the end of the Galaxy Note. Honestly, I wasn't going to make a video on this topic since reports have been flip-flopping quite a lot on this topic. One day a report says they are ending the Galaxy Note and a couple of days later there comes another report debunking the earl

OnePlus 9 Pro Specification And Review

  OnePlus 9 Pro So OnePlus is expected to launch the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro next month in March. We've already seen some hands-on photos of the OnePlus 9 which showed OnePlus isn't planning anything drastic with the new handset apart from redesigning the camera module and using bigger sensors. Today, we have the first-ever hands-on photos of the OnePlus 9 Pro courtesy of Dave2D which at the first glance shows that OnePlus could be providing a major step up in the camera hardware with a partnership with Hasselblad, a ridiculously expensive camera gear making company. I'll explain in a minute whether or not this puts OnePlus's camera quality on par with Samsung, Apple, and others but first, let's take a look at the phone itself. Unlike the OnePlus 9, the OnePlus 9 Pro has a curved display with the punch hole selfie camera at the left. There's also a slight difference in the frame shape for the alert slider and power button which honestly looks better than the OnePlus

Samsung Crushes Apple and More Review

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LG Rollable Smartphone Review - SohoZSell

LG Rollable Smartphone Review what's up guys sal here so once a major player among the top tier smartphone makers lg's reputation particularly with flagship phones has taken a hit as larger players like samsung has overtaken it smaller companies like oneplus have been able to generate more buzz so lg needed something to jumpstart the excitement over its mobile lineup so lg made explorer project where they've shown a renewed interest in playing with the different concepts last fall the company launched the lg wing which offered two screens stacked together with the top one able to swirl out into horizontal mode shortly after that they showed a short demo of a rollable smartphone at ces in january which has a display that extends. upwards to create a larger more tablet-like screen similar to how it's rollable oled televisions work but on a smaller scale it was said that the phone from lg could be the first such device to hit the market marking another step in the evolutio