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Galaxy A52 and A72 Review - SohoZSell


 Galaxy A52 and A72 Review

So we generally expect the price and the quality
of a device to be directly correlated. If a company has a line-up, the cheapest device
is supposed to be the worst one, and the most expensive device is expected to be the best
one. But I feel like lately this just isn’t true anymore. Now, depending on which phones you compare
and which aspects of a phone you find important, it is very possible that you will find a midrange
phone that is not just a better deal for your money, but actually a better device for you
overall. And I think the Galaxy A52 and A72 demonstrate
this perfectly.

You see high refresh rate displays have been around for ages, but it’s only for the last couple of years that the tech has successfully transitioned to phones. The Galaxy S20 was the first Samsung phone
to have a 120Hz display and ever since high refresh rate displays have become a must-have
feature for people when buying a flagship phone. Samsung fans have also been asking are we
going to see Samsung bringing these high refresh rate displays to their midrange devices or
is going to remain flagship exclusive for some more time. Well, we actually have an answer for that
and in a surprising turn of events, we are going to see a Samsung midrange phone with
a 120Hz display as soon as next month itself. Yes, the Galaxy A52 and A72 will have 120Hz

Galaxy A52 and A72

According to Sammobile, the 5G version of the Galaxy A52 will have a 120Hz display, while they didn't mention the Galaxy A72 but it only makes sense for the A72 to feature the same refresh rate as well if its smaller sibling also features one. Now, some of you might ask, isn't 120Hz too
taxing for a midrange device? Well, yes but the 5G version of the A52 and A72 will have a Snapdragon 750G processor, and like I've mentioned in the past it's not
a typical midrange chipset as it feature cortex A77 prime core which is a flagship

So the Snapdragon 750G is more than capable
to handle higher refresh rate displays. Now, since Samsung is releasing a 4G version
of the A52 and A72 as well so you would ask are they going to have the same 120Hz display? Well, the answer is no but there's some good news here too.Instead of 120Hz, the 4G A52 and A72 will
have a 90Hz display. That makes sense since the 4G versions have Snapdragon 720G processor which is not as powerful as the Snapdragon 750G but powerful  enough to handle a 90Hz refresh rate. 


Honestly, I'm glad that these displays are trickling down to Samsung's mid-range phones as 60Hz feel too outdated. The impact of high refresh rate displays is subtle yet noticeable and once you use it, it's quite addictive. Samsung is likely to announce the phone sometime towards the end of this month or early next month. As a refresh both of the phones will have a FHD+ display, the screen size is 6.5" 

on the A52 and 6.7" on the A72. 

4500mAh and 5000mAh
batteries respectively.

up to 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage and
a quad-camera array at the back, 64MP main

sensor, a 12MP ultra-wide lens, and two 5MP
auxiliary sensors.

The prices are expected to remain the same
as last year, while the 5G versions will be

around $100 more expensive than the 4G versions.

Of course with that being said, do let me
know what do you think about this down in

the comments and as always I'll see you tomorrow...peace

Samsung Galaxy A52 and A72