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 iPhone 13 Pro Review

While companies like Samsung are in the third
generation of high refresh rate displays. They are even offering 120Hz displays in their
midrange phones. But Apple on the other hand is still stuck at 60Hz. To be fair, they were considering 120Hz variable refresh rate panels on the iPhone 12 Pro lineups but due to the lack of supply of these variable
refresh rate panels, I mean Apple sold over 90 million iPhones in the last quarter and
Samsung, which makes displays for most of the iPhones wasn't able to keep up with supply
and demand. So Apple ditched the feature on the iPhone 12 Pro.

Instead, their upcoming iPhone 13 Pro lineup
will have high refresh rate displays. Now, here's some crazy news going around on
the internet that the new iPhones will have 240Hz displays. It originated from the patent that Apple has published recently which says the handset can operate at a refresh rate that is up to four times the native refresh rate.


iPhone 13 Pro

That is the iPhone screen natively at 60Hz would be able to increase the rate to 120Hz, 180Hz, or 240Hz automatically. The patent says this type of display can also
be used for iPads and the Apple Watch. With that being said, I don't think we are
going to see this in the iPhone 13 Pro. In fact, I'm 100% certain it's not going to
happen. The iPhone 13 Pro lineup will likely stick to 120Hz LTPO panels, the one we have on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. You see, companies file patents all the time
and only a fraction of them actually goes into the production stage. We're just getting started with 120Hz displays,

and there's absolutely no need for them to go above this refresh rate considering there's
no practical advantage to go over 120Hz refresh rate. That might change in the future a few years
down the line but for now, this is just a patent which means nothing. Anyway, Apple is only rumored to include 120Hz displays on the Pro lineup this year. The regular iPhone 13 and mini will get 60Hz
displays instead. Also, all the iPhone 13 will get an always-on
display feature something we're seeing for years on Galaxy phones. I wonder why it took them so long. Th e magnets on the MagSafe will be stronger this time so that it attaches to the phone much more securely. The reason is of course as you know they are removing the charging port from at least one of the iPhone 13 variants, which is ridiculous. I'm sure they will come up with some BS excuse
like they did with the iPhone 12, saving theenvironment and all.

iPhone 13 Pro

But just like the charger, this decision will
improve the sales of the Magsafe chargers which means more money. Anyway, the notch is going nowhere but this time it is expected to get shorter, not in width but in height, kinda like this. Also, there was a rumor that Apple is bringing back the touch ID in the form of an in-display fingerprint scanner but turns out, it's not
happening. You still need to take your mask off to unlock
the handset. They could also bring the astrophotography
mode to the new iPhones the one we saw on the Pixel phones to take starry night photos. 


All in all, the iPhone 13 is going to be a
very iterative upgrade. Nothing major is happening and that's why
Apple might not even call the new iPhones as iPhone 13, instead they could in fact be
called iPhone 12s. Of course with that said, do let me know what
do you think about this down in the commentsand as always I'll see you tomorrow...Peace