Galaxy Note 21 Ultra - To Note Or Not To Note - Review

Galaxy Note 21 Ultra - To Note Or Not To Note - Review


 Galaxy Note 21 Ultra - To Note Or Not To Note

 So whether or not there will be a Galaxy Note
in the future is still up for debate. There were rumors that Samsung will be pulling
the plug on the Galaxy Note series following reports that the Galaxy S series will be getting
support for the S Pen. But recently a Samsung official anonymously said to a website that the rumors aren't exactly true,  there will be a Galaxy Note in 2021. So the Note fans were happy and things were
back to normal. Until Ice Universe decided to tweet this a couple of days ago that Samsung has pulled the curtain on the Galaxy Note series.

The tweet shows a picture that reads the End
with a caption the Galaxy Note which basically means the end of the Galaxy Note. Honestly, I wasn't going to make a video on this topic since reports have been flip-flopping quite a lot on this topic. One day a report says they are ending the Galaxy Note and a couple of days later there comes another report debunking the earlier report.

But since a lot of you were asking me about
my opinions and whether or not they are actually ending the Galaxy Note and if yes then what
about that Samsung executive who said they are not ending the Note line. Well, I have some updates on this. Samsung actually responded to this story with this statement where they are saying they are still committed to the Galaxy Note lineup. They said and I quote, Samsung made a bold decision to expand S Pen experiences. 

as an option for Galaxy S21 Ultra where users can
enjoy one of the most popular and preferred features of our Note category. But it does not mean that Samsung is not committed to the Note category but is expanding the Note experience across device categories. To provide the best mobile experience to all consumers, we will actively listen to consumers’

feedback and reflect it in our continued product
innovation. So basically they are not answering in a simple yes or no manner and that could be a business strategy so that people don't wait for the Galaxy Note 21 and get the Galaxy S21 Ultra to increase its sales. But in the grand scheme of things, they are saying they are still committed to the Note lineup which is a good indication.

 Galaxy Note 21 Ultra

Now there's one more possibility, though. Ross Young says Samsung might not launch the Galaxy Note 21 or Ultra but instead will launch the Fan Edition of the Galaxy Note 20 this year, called the Note 20 FE. Galaxy S20 FE was an instant success for Samsung as it offered an amazing bang for the buck and enjoyed a positive reception from Galaxy fans, 

so it makes sense for Samsung to repeat that with the Galaxy Note 20. Honestly, we'll have to wait for at least a couple of months before we know for sure whether or not they are making the Galaxy
Note 21 Ultra. Let me know what do you think about this down in the comments and as always I'll see you

tomorrow...Peace out