Google Pixel 6 - IT'S TIME - Review

Google Pixel 6 - IT'S TIME - Review


Google Pixel 6

The Pixel cameras have been in a
weird spot for a couple of years;  the Pixel 2 in 2017 was an incredible
leap forward for smartphone photography, but features like Night Sight aside, the Pixel 3, 4, and even the Pixel 5 were mostly evolutions on the same hardware and software formula, making what sometimes felt like subjective tweaks more than clear improvements to image quality. 

It’s to Google’s credit that they’ve still remained among the very best phone cameras you can buy. If Samsung or even OnePlus stuck with the exact same sensor for three iterations of its flagship device, they would be laughed out of existence. But for Google, that's not the case.

Google Pixel 6

For one thing, Google is still using the same
Sony IMX363 12.2-megapixel primary sensor as in the last few Pixel phones. Google told last
year that keeping the same sensor continuity helps its Pixel camera team refine algorithms
from generation to generation and that there wasn’t a part on the market that would have
been better suited to the company’s needs. Google has spent years fine-tuning the software
for this sensor and really doesn't want to start over from scratch. Which they would need
to do if they decided to change sensors.

But it's 2021, the competition not only caught up
but is getting better in the camera department. The old sensor in the Pixel camera
is now starting to show its age. So I think it's time for Google to finally cave in
and upgrade the camera sensor on the Pixel 6. Thankfully, though we are getting some rumors that
the Pixel 6 might indeed get a new camera sensor and it's either going to from Sony or Samsung. The
word on the internet is that Sony is gearing up to announce and launch the world’s first 1-inch
mobile camera sensor. A 1-inch sensor, 


Google Pixel

even by smartphone standards, is pretty big. There's
no information on what the 1-inch sensor will be capable of doing. Still, if you are looking at
it from photography or a videography perspective, a larger sensor would mean better low-light
performance, as well as more bokeh.But personally, I don't think Google is going to opt for this sensor because Sony hasn't announced it yet and we have
no timeline when are they going to do it. 

Google needs time to optimize a camera sensor
for its smartphones, fine-tune the algorithm, and more. So it's unlikely for Google
to go for this sensor. Instead, they might go for Sony IMX555 the one we have on
2020 flagship phones including the Galaxy S20.It's also possible Google might go with the
recently announced Samsung's GN2 camera sensor  which for now is the biggest sensor we have
on smartphones at a little less than an inch at 1/1.12. The reason I'm saying the Pixel 6 might
have this sensor is that this 50MP sensor not only offers a larger sensor size but bigger pixels (1.4
microns) as well. The pixel size, in particular,  

is notable, as this is the same size as the
IMX363 sensor used in most of Google’s Pixel phones including the Pixel 5. So Google may not
need to do as much fine-tuning in the software algorithm since the Pixel size is the same, there
will be many similarities in the technical aspect of it, and they know what needs to be done.
In any case, Google is in need of a better sensor. For years they have schooled their competitors
and forced them to up their game in the camera department, 

and now that competitors have caught up, and in fact doing better, it's time for Google to finally get a new sensor for the Pixel 6. Let me know what do you think  about this down in the comments and as always I'll see you tomorrow...peace out