Samsung Galaxy A82 Review

Samsung Galaxy A82 Review


Samsung Galaxy A82

So 2018, 19 will be the year remembered for
pop-up camera phones in the world of smartphones. We saw phones like the Oppo Find X with a
huge motorized setup, we have also seen phones like the OnePlus 7 Pro with a small pop camera mechanism. But the most interesting motorized camera smartphone was made by Samsung, called
the Galaxy A80 which had a pop-up flip camera, as the main camera module at the back
slides up and then rotates to the front.

Pop-up camera phones and slider phones
are awesome for a number of reasons. They allow for higher screen-to-body ratios,
as there’s no need for a notch or a thick  bezel to house the selfie camera.
So a lot of people were wondering are we ever going to see the successors of the
Galaxy A80 or was it a one-off thing? Well, 


Samsung Galaxy A82

first up Samsung is indeed working on
the successor of the A80 called the Galaxy A82. We first heard of it in early 2021 when Samsung
applied for a trademark for a bunch of Galaxy A smartphones, some of which have already launched.
It has been reported that the phone will have 5G support. However, there's no information
right now as to whether or not it will have a motorized camera setup like the A80. 

But the phone showed up on Geekbench today  revealing some interesting details. First
up, for some weird reason, Samsung is using a two-year-old flagship chipset on this phone. The
Galaxy A82 will have the Snapdragon 855+. It's an overclocked chipset found on the Galaxy Note
10+. The SoC on the A82 is paired with 6GB of RAM and the device runs Android 11, so it makes sense
it will ship with One UI 3.1 out of the box.

Samsung Galaxy A82

The 6GB RAM is likely the base RAM variant, it
should have at least the 8GB RAM variant too. Now if you're wondering why are they using a
two-year-old chipset? Why not use the Snapdragon 870 which sits below the Snapdragon 888 found on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Well, the likely explanation for that is the cost. Since the Snapdragon 855+ is an almost 3 generations old chipset, it will be available for a much cheaper price than the Snapdragon 870 and even the 865. Samsung will likely market this phone as a premium upper midrange phone, and since this isn't
a flagship product they need to price the handset competitively otherwise it's going
to have the same fate as its predecessor. If  Samsung ends up using a motorized camera setup on
this phone which by the way is a costly component 

then they need to cut corners somewhere.
And in a way, it's a good thing that they  are using the Snapdragon 855+ instead of some
upper midrange chipset like the Snapdragon 750G. Because if we compare the Geekbench scores
of both of these chipsets then it's clear the 855+ is a way more powerful chipset
than the 750G. Also, the Galaxy A80 had a modest Snapdragon 730G when it was launched
so I would say this is a win-win situation if  they can be able to keep the retail price low
and offer a motorized setup camera as well. 


If Samsung decided to use a motorized setup
for the Galaxy A82 then it would probably have this setup shown in the patent where if you
want to take a selfie the camera would rise upwards so that the top lens sticks out of the
phone, then it rotates to face the user. In any case, I will keep you updated with all
the latest news regarding this handset so do consider subscribing for that and as always
I'll see you tomorrow...Peace out