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Samsung Galaxy A82 Review

  Samsung Galaxy A82 So 2018, 19 will be the year remembered for pop-up camera phones in the world of smartphones. We saw phones like the Oppo Find X with a huge motorized setup, we have also seen phones like the OnePlus 7 Pro with a small pop camera mechanism. But the most interesting motorized camera smartphone was made by Samsung, called the Galaxy A80 which had a pop-up flip camera, as the main camera module at the back slides up and then rotates to the front. Pop-up camera phones and slider phones are awesome for a number of reasons. They allow for higher screen-to-body ratios, as there’s no need for a notch or a thick  bezel to house the selfie camera. So a lot of people were wondering are we ever going to see the successors of the Galaxy A80 or was it a one-off thing? Well,    Samsung Galaxy A82 first up Samsung is indeed working on the successor of the A80 called the Galaxy A82. We first heard of it in early 2021 when Samsung applied for a trademark for a bunch of Galaxy A smar

Galaxy Note 21 Ultra - To Note Or Not To Note - Review

   Galaxy Note 21 Ultra - To Note Or Not To Note  So whether or not there will be a Galaxy Note in the future is still up for debate. There were rumors that Samsung will be pulling the plug on the Galaxy Note series following reports that the Galaxy S series will be getting support for the S Pen. But recently a Samsung official anonymously said to a website that the rumors aren't exactly true,  there will be a Galaxy Note in 2021. So the Note fans were happy and things were back to normal. Until Ice Universe decided to tweet this a couple of days ago that Samsung has pulled the curtain on the Galaxy Note series. The tweet shows a picture that reads the End with a caption the Galaxy Note which basically means the end of the Galaxy Note. Honestly, I wasn't going to make a video on this topic since reports have been flip-flopping quite a lot on this topic. One day a report says they are ending the Galaxy Note and a couple of days later there comes another report debunking the earl

Samsung Crushes Apple and More Review

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Galaxy A52 and A72 Review - SohoZSell

   Galaxy A52 and A72 Review So we generally expect the price and the quality of a device to be directly correlated. If a company has a line-up, the cheapest device is supposed to be the worst one, and the most expensive device is expected to be the best one. But I feel like lately this just isn’t true anymore. Now, depending on which phones you compare and which aspects of a phone you find important, it is very possible that you will find a midrange phone that is not just a better deal for your money, but actually a better device for you overall. And I think the Galaxy A52 and A72 demonstrate this perfectly. You see high refresh rate displays have been around for ages, but it’s only for the last couple of years that the tech has successfully transitioned to phones. The Galaxy S20 was the first Samsung phone to have a 120Hz display and ever since high refresh rate displays have become a must-have feature for people when buying a flagship phone. Samsung fans have also been asking are we

Galaxy A72 OFFICIAL Review - THE VALUE KING - SohoZSell

    Galaxy A72 OFFICIAL Review So a couple of days ago we talked about how Samsung is bringing the flagship features to their popular Galaxy A lineup such as the upcoming Galaxy A72 as well as the Galaxy A52. These two handsets will be the first Samsung midrange phones to get a high refresh rate 120Hz display on the 5G versions while the 4G versions will get a 90Hz display panel. But it looks like high refresh rate displays aren't the only flagship features coming to the Galaxy A lineup. Samsung is also bringing water resistance IP rating to the Galaxy A52 and A72, a feature that was only exclusive to the Galaxy S and Note lineup so far. According to new information, both the Galaxy A72 and A52 will be IP67 rated for water resistance which means you can submerge the phone underwater for at least 30 minutes while under 15cm to 1m of water.   Samsung Galaxy A72 Not only that we also have the first official renders of the Galaxy A72 courtesy of Roland Quandt, which shows the Galaxy A7

SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 3 Reviews - SohozSell

    SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 3 Reviews  today we have some insane news about the samsung galaxy z fold 3  and i'll be sharing the details right after this. so today we've got news of the insane feature we've all been waiting for on the samsung  galaxy z fold 3 as well as some more leaked specifications of the much anticipated phone  before we get started though please like the video if you're a fan of samsung  let me know in the comments what country you're actually watching today's video from  so first of all there are still leaks suggesting that we could see the galaxy z fold 3 early  . this year and that it could be as early as may we've seen many manufacturers including samsung  bring their releases forward and according to blotter there are already people field testing  the samsung galaxy z phone 3. now i'm still very skeptical about this although it would  make sense to have the release a little bit further away from the note especially as the s  rang